5 Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe During the Holidays

Data Security System
Data Security System

As the year closes, many companies may solely focus on closing off their business and preparing for the new year. Although they may be necessary, what is also essential is that you do not forget to put security measures in place while you are away. Just because you and your employees are taking leave does not mean that those working outside are too. Here are a few of the best practices to keep your business safe during the holidays.

1. Digitise all hard copies

Although having original copies of confidential documents is essential, you should always back them up via an electronic document management system (EDMS). This system will keep your records safe and prevent any damage caused by natural disasters, theft or the risk of the documents getting lost. Our EDMS uses FileRite© software, an onsite file management system that manages and tracks your physical records. It also manages the process of moving static files to an offsite storage facility, saving you time and unnecessary costs.

2. Review safety procedures with employees

If your employees work in the office, set up a meeting to discuss safety procedures over the holiday period. Discuss things like ensuring no valuable items and documents are left on the desk, how to use the security alarm, keeping their passwords protected and encrypted, and so on. If anyone will be working over the holiday season, inform them of internet safety protocols and how they can spot malicious emails. Create an email security policy to protect all staff workers from identity thieves who may create phishing emails and spread false information or computer viruses.

3. Test the security equipment

Test that your security system works and that there are no wiring issues. If your office does not have armed security, your only deterrent for potential thieves would be an alarm system that works.

4. Secure your WiFi

Employees who work during the festive season will most likely use the office WiFi, primarily when they work in the office and not remotely. However, your company’s WiFi connection can be at risk of being breached if staff members download files from websites that are not secure. Ensure all workers have been instructed not to download files from email addresses they do not trust or from sketchy websites. If staff members are working remotely, ensure they use a VPN to log into the company’s database to prevent your network connection from being traced.

5. Keep your landlord updated

If you are renting an office space, inform your landlord about the days your office will be closed and for how long. Also, let your security company know so that they can be on the lookout for any possible threats while the office is closed.

With these security checks in place, you can have peace of mind that your business is protected during the festive season.