How to Keep Your Home Office Clean!

Keep Your Home Office Clean

From as early as the 1st of May, South African were a bit jubilant with the announcement of the move from lockdown level 5 to level 4. This meant a few sectors would reopen and with that, stricter social distancing and hygiene protocols would need to be adhered to in order to limit COVID-19 related risks as much as possible.

With that being said, after 6 months of working remotely, even though we’re under lockdown regulations level 1, it is still the “new normal” for some South African. Hygiene both at work and home during these dire times (and with a possible second wave of the coronavirus on the horizon) has never been more important. Because of this, we’ve decided to revisit the key ways to help you keep your home office space hygienic. Let’s get into it!

Hand Washing is Still a Priority

Making a habit of washing your hands regularly is essential because there’s no guarantee that everyone else at home are doing the same thing, especially with the little ones running around the house. Make it the order of every day to talk about the importance of washing your hands and share information on limiting cross-contamination.

Focus on Sanitising your Home Hot Spots

There are areas in our homes that are considered unhygienic corners and these include door handles, messy keyboards and mouse, your printer, desk phone, mucky mugs, and the mother of all germ hotspots, your guests. Areas that are often touched or in use need to be regularly sanitised to avoid contamination and the spread of germs, viruses and COVID-19.

Clear the Clutter

Here we’re going to revisit key points to help get your home office in order.

If you live alone, or are home alone for most of your work days, it’s easy for you to be lax, leaving empty wrappers and crumpled piles of paper on your desk. However, there’s a popular phrase, “a clean work space provides a clean thinking space”. That means keeping the cleanliness of your work space is the best way to keep your home office more practical.

Some ways of you can ensure your home is investing in outsourced live file solutions, EDMS online file management, as well as tapping into online shopping, can improve the quality of your home office and your productivity.

Make Sure There’s Enough Airflow

Air quality is essential but often something we take for granted at home. We spend our days keeping doors and windows closed on cooler days without considering that without proper airflow, we’re prone to increased fatigue and risk picking up airborne germs. These two risks can also lead to illnesses and can negatively influence our productivity. Always pay attention to the airflow quality in your home office environment and ensure there’s always fresh air.

Eat Away From your Desk

Snack time is every time when working from home, and most of your snacks will be at your home office desk. In many homes, the kitchen is closer in proximity, making the number of trips to the fridge more frequent. Sure, there’s a convenience that comes with eating at your desk, however, eat away from your desk and take it as an opportunity to stretch, get some fresh air and move around. Doing this will curb biscuit crumbs ending up in your keyboard or accidentally spilling a drink on your notes.

These are just some practical methods you can keep your home office tidy to help you work as efficiently as you do at the office without having to leave the comfort of your home.