Preparing to Close for Business? Here’s How to Back up Your Files!

Data backup for any business in any industry is essential. Learn the importance of protecting your business through secure data backup methods.

Losing your personal or business data is one of the most devastating things to go through. Whether it’s caused by mechanical failure, accidentally deleting your data or a software virus, it can happen to anyone. The best thing to do is to make sure you have an up-to-date, easily accessible and secure online data backup system.

A few years ago, our best bet was to store and save data on physical tapes and disks and putting them away. Today, however, the internet and access to cloud storage have shifted the way we carry out our data backup procedures in a drastic way.

Backup strategies

Your backup strategy isn’t about saving as much data as possible, and as often as possible. While the need to do so is there, it’s more important to look at what needs saving, why and which system to use for your backups.

Centrally held data on a server is often the most important place to start when backing up. From production files that are saved daily, programs and operating systems files that can be saved less often, you need to have a strategy or plan on how to perform backups.

Planning your online backups

Remember that not all business information is held centrally. In some cases, information is held on endpoint computers. Even with centrally held information on a server, there may be correspondence, spreadsheets and so forth that may be important and will need backing up.

Look into these backup file systems:

Cloud technology

Cloud technology is a method of automatically data can be backed up automatically on an off-site copy that can easily be saved as often as possible.

Backup technologies

Over the past few years, cutting costs and easily accessing cloud storage has changed with many companies turning to cloud backup solutions.

Technological advancements such as Vault and Confidential Storage and Secure Offsite Storage, Scanning and Electronic Retrieval Services and Secure Offsite Storage which have extensive fire protection, media placed in a tamper-proof bags and are sealed using a tamper-proof seal with a serial number, allow reports to be sent to customers detailing all the archived files, and more respectively.

Keeping your data and information safe and secure in the manner you feel best suits your needs is crucial. At The Document Warehouse, we help our customers with backup file solutions that are reliable and cost-effective. If you’re looking for the best backup solutions, get in touch with us.